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Rose Mary Boehm is a German-born British national living and writing in Lima, Peru, and author of two novels as well as eight poetry collections. Her poetry has been published widely in mostly US poetry reviews (online and print). She was three times nominated for a ‘Pushcart’ and once for ‘Best of Net’. DO OCEANS HAVE UNDERWATER BORDERS? (Kelsay Books July 2022), WHISTLING IN THE DARK (Cyberwit July 2022), and SAUDADE (December 2022) are available on Amazon. Also available on Amazon is a new collection, LIFE STUFF, published by Kelsay Books November 2023.


WWII through the eyes of a child


"Written from the perspective of a child in World War II, Germany, these poems illuminate how life can proceed despite bombs, shelters, fear and privation. Rose Boehm's poetry is both informative and lyrical; her book a genuine delight."


---Joan Colby, US, widely published poet 


Peru Blues or Lady Gaga Won't Be Back


"Peru becomes a home of enchantment and dread in Rose Mary Boehm's collection. She writes poetry that will definitely unsettle those who prefer the predictable and easy. Her poems take the reader from the lyrical, sarcastic, to the political – all of them achingly moving or disturbing. Yet Boehm maintains an inquisitive eye that is the door to wonder. She will take you to a world that may never be the same again, a lush world of hurt marked with small triumphs of humanity. "


—Jim Pascual Agustin, author of ‘Alien to Any Skin’, ‘Sound Before Water’, and ‘A Thousand Eyes’ among others


The Rain Girl

"This is a book about the stuff of being a human being, in all its pain, glory, depth, and joy. Boehm explores love and hate, sex, family, vice, war, immigration, and faith...she casts a wide net and ends up with a good catch.  This is unvarnished truth that helps us face up to who we are. She uses language as a paint brush. And what a wonderful painting it becomes."


--- Robert Strickland, Poet, Musician

Review by Alan Catlin, Misfit Magazine

Rose Mary Boehm, The Rain Girl, Chaffinch Press, Ireland, 2020, 105 pages no price

Rose Mary is an international poet of distinction as her previous collections and wide publication both here, and abroad, amply show.  Therefore it is unsurprising that her work embraces a multitude of subjects. And not just any subject, but large ones, including, but not limited to, immigration, escape from oppression, Diaspora, life as a refugee and violence against women. Imagery is often startling with unsettling associations as an early poem,
quoted in full shows,



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My fifth poetry collection is called 'DO OCEANS HAVE UNDERWATER BORDERS?  - poems from a sun-bleached folder. And here is what George Bilgere, Ruth Bavetta, and Alan Catlin had to say about it... click on 'Read More'



My very latest collection of poetry (the sixth) can also be found on Amazon. 

Part 1, IMPONDERABLES, are speculative poems as well as thoughts about religion.

Part 2, EMBERS, are poems about feelings, memories, and touches of nostalgia. 

Read a selection to whet your appetite. Click on 'Read More' for a generous preview.



is a Portuguese word for so many things that it doesn't really have a translation. In order to explain it, you have to 'write around it'. A rich word from a rich language. My title poem is trying to explain 'SAUDADE', the other poems in the book are expressions of some form of 'saudade'. Click on 'read more'. You'll find what other poets/editors had to say about it. 

SAUDADE is my seventh poetry collection and, of course, you find it on Amazon.



This brilliant collection speaks candidly about living in the final stretch of one’s time. Rose writes about aging, the pending inevitable, the changing world, friendship and family, the meaning of home. She meanders down memory lane, from Peru to Paris to Spain to Germany. She recalls childhood and harrowing experiences of tyranny and war, in the same scrapbook as motherhood and love and the wonders of people and nature. These gorgeous poems speak about regrets and losses with rare honesty. In a way, this collection from a prolific and gifted writer is her love letter to us, something for us to keep, to keep her close. This is a writer who knows that the darkness and most painful parts of life hold as much wealth as the sweetest. And this is her magnum opus.


Lorette C. Luzajic, editor, The Ekphrastic Review, author, The Rope Artist, Winter in June



The Miracle of Creation

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1). A famous physicist once said, “Perhaps, at the beginning, there was only an idea.” And the writer writes the word on a white page. And there, before your inner eyes, Jane Eyre, Jo March, Madame Bovary begin their lives, there is Atticus Finch, Mr. Rochester, Prince Hamlet, Dr. Jekyll. Have they not been our friends or foes for as long as we can read? And have we not cried and laughed with our friends that fell into us from paper pages, have we not hesitated to read on filled with horror and dread? We carry worlds within us, never to be erased, we have travelled through space and held our breath with Tenar in the Tombs of Atuan.


And, just as in the world we feel we know as ‘real’, we give of us to the story told in a secondary moment of creation, bringing to life a reality born from each one of us. It’s not what we see, it’s what we believe we see, our perception, that is the creator of ‘reality’. However much you are united, you love each other, you feel you are ‘swinging from the same beam’, you stand in front of the ‘Nightwatch’ and both of you will see your own. The painting itself is a world created by Rembrandt and his imagination, his perception.


You travel with close friends, and every one of them will bring a slightly different story to the table when you talk about your adventures afterwards over a glass of wine that for each one will have a taste that is uniquely theirs.


Objectivity can’t exist. Everything we do, experience, is coloured by who we are, our DNA, our past nurturing, by what life has given us, and by how we dealt with the gift.


The deceptive ‘reality’ continues: you see the film of the book, say, ‘Zorba the Greek’ after the novel by Kazantzakis. For argument’s sake let’s say the novel found 500,000 readers. That makes 500,000 different worlds created by those readers, while the writer might possibly violently disagree with some of those readers' interpretations. No director, no casting director, no set designer, no actor can do justice to the world you created in your room breathlessly following the story and seeing Zorba dance in your mind. The film can only be the creation of one man, the director’s vision. No wonder you hear so often, “But the film was nothing like the book.” Of course, it wasn’t. It was the director’s book. And even as you all see the film, when you leave the cinema, each one of you has seen a different film.


Can we all agree that we are the creators of our worlds, using the clay given to us every day new? And that we have to make a decision about what kind of world we want to create?


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